Welcome to Versify, the online language exchange

With Versify you can practise your language skills with native speakers for free through face-to-face video chats.

“I have been studying in classes and from books but never got the practice time I needed. I’m so glad I found Versify!”

- Erika

When you sign up, you’ll be given 30 credits to get you started.

Each credit is worth one minute. So while you’re practising a language with a native speaker, you’ll use 1 credit per minute.

You’ll gain 1 credit for every minute you help someone who’s learning your language.

“I felt my Spanish slipping away after coming home. Now I can practise and keep my skills sharp”

- Vicky


You can practise as often as you like.

Either use the scheduler to arrange a chat, or strike up a conversation with someone who’s currently online.

Getting started is easy

All you need to do is sign up, schedule a video chat and start learning


or find out more about Versify.